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With the rapid development of industry, the protection of environment is becoming more and more highly demanding. Due to the hazardous harm to the environment, electroplating is being replaced by the vacuum ion plating gradually. In 2001, we successfully finished the National Project for Science and Technology, “the Development of the Target for Vacuum Ion Plating”, and with the combining help from overseas experts and domestic colleges and institutes, we are now competent to produce different kinds of target products of different specifications and elements and provide our products to enterprises from home and abroad, such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, meeting with wide approval.

The vacuum sputtering target material, developed and produced independently by Jinjunwei, has a ideally smooth and flat surface and its elements are reasonably designed as well. Due to the high purity, excellence in the micro-structure and high utilization of the sputtering materials we produce, they are favorably received and widely applied in the surface treatments of decoration industries, electronics industries. Our series of products are primarily target materials whose shapes range from plane rectangle, tube, disc-shape, ring, sheet to grain, etc. The specifications and elements can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.