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New staff induction training:

Understanding the background and culture of our company, rules and regulations,
operation of departments and business, required skills and related knowledge, etc.

On-job Training:

(1)Individual Development Training:Based on the competencies and development programs of the staff, working out the training plan and implementing them.

(2)Self-study Training:According to the individual development needs of each employee, we provide related facilities for self-improvement.

(3)Field Trips:Organizing employees to visit outstanding enterprises and learn advanced technology and management concepts.

Outsourcing Training:

Participating in the training courses organized by government and other training institutions.

Expert Training & Technical Exchange:

We establish long-term cooperative relationship with South China University of Technology, domestic colleges and other research institutes, and invite relevant professors and experts as technical advisers to carry on the training and guidance.


Jinjunwei is now in a period of rapid development and diversification, we provide each employee with adequate resources and development space, and maximize each employee’s ability through the principle of determining the positions by capabilities.